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Your Partner in Growth

I help high-achieving, high-potential professionals free themselves from overwhelming demands and guilt, and gain the core human skills we all need to thrive.

Hi, I’m Mel! (Pronouns: she/her)

I provide 1:1 coaching that’s culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming, and designed to strengthen your mental and social fitness.


Imagine life with more emotionally nutritious conversations, healthy relationships (including with yourself!), and work-life alignment.

If you knew how to create renewable rocket fuel for your life, where would you go?

Illustrated Map
You’re in the right place if . . . 

Your life looks better than it feels, yet nothing is terribly wrong. You just feel a bit stuck or tired.

You’re high-performing, high-achieving, and wondering, What else is there? Where do I go from here? How do I not burn out?

You think you’re working too hard and also not hard enough, like you’re not living up to your potential somehow.

You seem a bit tied down by stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, sense of duty, other people’s expectations, or fear of disappointing someone.

You increasingly don’t want to disappoint yourself either! You want to give yourself the focus you deserve too, even if the thought of it may feel a bit self-indulgent. 

You straddle multiple roles, cultures, and identities, and you long for genuine connection and belonging, where you don’t have to perform or mask some aspects of yourself.

When you read the standard self-help books or advice on careers, relationships, boundaries, etc., you find them too Eurocentric, too far removed from your reality, or just not really speaking to you. You might even have had that experience with therapy or coaching previously.

You know it’s important to talk, but you also want to do more than just talking. You know it’s important to take action, but you also want to know you’re taking actions that matter. You’d love to know how to choose among the many options and conflicting advice, get started, and make sustainable change.

You’ve tried a number of things with your limited time and bandwidth, and you’re not giving up!

Coaching Programme

As your coach, I’ll help you design and build systems that support your own definition of a life well lived. I scaffold your learning and development as you go through a core-strengthening exercise: your core values, character strengths, habits, self-talk, and emotional agility. And because meaningful connection is critical to our quality of life and ability to thrive, we’ll strengthen your relational and communication skills too. We’ll do all this within a supportive coaching relationship, so that we can safely explore any barriers you’ve got to applying all these skills. Sounds good?

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Work-Life Alignment & Wellbeing

Want to stop living someone else’s dream, working below your potential, getting paid less than you’d like, or feeling as if work is something to endure? What do you want to do? Let’s bring your work life in alignment with your values, strengths and goals so that more of your energy and talent go into what matters.

You’ll also get better at leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Abstract Painting

Relational, Communication, & Self-Parenting Skills

Many of us have been in environments not conducive to the development of the core human skills we need to thrive, and we might be missing a few “software updates” that can really help. It’s not your fault, and it’s never too late to skill up. It’s like learning a new language of relating to yourself and your needs for connection and belonging. I’ll help you identify and practise what’s most relevant to you now.

Brush Strokes

Intelligent Failure & Thoughtful Risk-Taking

There’s such a thing as the “right kind of wrong”! We’ll pair theory and insight with action that’s designed with just the right amount of stretch each time, allowing you to minimise risk, achieve progressive wins, and learn from experience. You’ll leave each session empowered with more clarity, a right-sized experiment, and relevant resources. You also get an accountability check-in.

What you’ll gain with coaching:
  • ​​Your own toolkit for constructive self-inquiry, decision-making, and action-planning, so that you can pursue your professional and personal goals more effectively and sustainably.

  • Skills and practices that help build a stronger social support network, so that you enjoy more healthy, life-giving relationships and improved wellbeing.

  • A stronger internal support system and budding inner coach, enabling you to motivate yourself from a place of kindness and to hold your own in the face of setbacks, criticism, and conflict.

  • A more realistic sense of power and agency, able to leverage your strengths and move forward while recognising what’s out of your control, what outside resources to tap into, and how to embrace the limitations of being human.

  • Applicable, synthesised knowledge from different disciplines, languages, and cultures, including evidence-based approaches and adaptations that are relevant to you and your contexts.

  • A partner who believes that you’re already worthy and enough and that you can keep growing.

Hot Air Balloons
What’s the investment?


Starter: 12 weeks

  • 1 x kick-off, clarity session (60mins.)

  • 4 x personalised coaching session (45mins.)

  • 1 x mid-point review session (45mins.)

  • An accountability check-in for every session

  • Follow-up with relevant resources for every session (as requested)

US$900 / £650


Standard: 12-36 weeks

  • 1 x kick-off, clarity session (90mins.)

  • 9 x personalised coaching session (45mins.)

  • 2 x progress review session (45–60mins.)

  • An accountability check-in for every session

  • Follow-up with relevant resources for every session (as requested)

  • 2 x 15-minute top-up


 US$1,800 / £1,300


Single Session / Power Hour

  • 1 x coaching, mentoring, and/or strategic planning session (60mins.)

  • Accountability check-in

  • Follow-up with relevant resources (as requested)

US$255 / £160

Payment via credit/debit card (through Wix or Stripe) or UK bank transfer. Happy to discuss installments, one-off sessions, refer-a-friend savings, value exchange, etc. Book your free discovery call today.

Attorney & Artist

“Mel is adept at listening and synthesizing my concerns into actionable steps. Most notably, she helps me redefine my relationship with my own negative feelings and transform my ability to communicate and connect with other people, which is especially helpful in a work context. ... I recommend Mel if you are a high-achieving professional who seeks a tailored, culturally-sensitive, research-oriented approach to become the empowered professional you know you can be!”

Why choose me as your coach?

We talk a lot about accountability in coaching, and here’s what you can hold me to: that I’ll be a coach who doesn’t hide behind jargon, important-sounding words, overcomplicated frameworks, ill-timed questions, or toxic positivity. Sure, we’ll solve problems, reach goals, and improve performance, but in our coaching relationship you’ll always be seen first and foremost as an actual, multidimensional personnot a problem to be solved, not a project to perfect, not a fleshy container of skills and experience with “annoying human stuff like feelings getting in the way”.

And if you’re Asian American, British East/Southeast Asian (ESEA), Hong Kong Chinese, neuroatypical, or a not-so-visible minority, you’ll most likely save time by not having to educate me on the basics – the systemic issues, taboos, internalised oppression, lack of role models, diametrically opposed ways of being that are “demanded” of you, etc. You certainly don’t need to convince me that the barriers you face are real.


We’re all different, of course. I don’t presume to know everything about you, nor do I have all the answers. I’m just a “fellow traveller” who’s been navigating the tension between personal responsibility and systemic realities, who’s built and rebuilt, who’s benefited massively from addressing areas of underdevelopment, who’s learned a ton both formally and informally (aka the hard way), and who’d love to help shine a light on the right things at the right time.

The six points below outline what I offer as a coach. I’d invite you to also check out my origin story, blog posts, and FAQs to get a better sense of who I am and what I’m like.

Round Shapes

Supportive relationship

I’ve been working a lot on myself to be well-regulated, boundaried, and empathic. You’ll feel safe to explore, try new things, fail, and unpack the important messages behind difficult emotions. I’ll also hold you accountable and ask challenging questions – in a way that’s not shaming, blaming, or as though you have to prove yourself. You’ll see yourself clearly: the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Opened book

Language & storytelling

I use my experience as a copywriter/editor/translator to help you examine your self-talk, clarify your thinking, articulate your vision, and reframe your challenges. I do my best to choose and adapt my examples and analogies so that they’re more visceral and relatable to you. I can work with you in English, Cantonese, and some level of Mandarin. Expect some acting and laughing too.

Abstract Background

Personalised approach

I use what fits you rather than make you fit one framework. My coaching is relational, considers the whole person and the different contexts we live within, and assumes we’re resourceful and oriented towards growth. I can add a dash of mentoring when it’s helpful, and I bring my knowledge of design, agile, behavioural economics, etc. when we co-create next steps. Your ongoing feedback is part of our process.


Mental health awareness

Don’t worry about anything you say being too heavy or apologise for any tears. While coaching is not therapy, I do welcome all parts of you! I’ve had training in mental health first aid, peer support, and counselling, as well as lived experience of complex trauma and recovery. If appropriate, I can signpost you to more suitable support and help you work through your concerns about therapy.

Love is Love

Cultural humility

Raised in Hong Kong, educated in the US, and based in the UK (for over a decade now), I enjoy being a bridge between cultures. I have lived experience as an immigrant of colour, as a less visible member within the LGBTQIA+ community, and as the “only” in many contexts (e.g. the only woman on the software engineering team). I pledge not to react with fragility when you point out my ignorance or mistakes.

Stack of books

Professional practice

I did my coaching training in person at the University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education and earned an Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching with distinction. I’m happy to share references to any concepts covered in our coaching. And as a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, I adhere to its code of ethics and supervision requirements.

Book a Discovery Call

Wondering if I’m the real deal or just talking a good game? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s have a 25-minute chat and see if there’s a fit. The call is free, and you won’t be pressured into signing up for more.

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