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Client Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with many multicultural, multitalented clients on their journeys of  transition, growth, and wellbeing. Here are some of the things they’ve said about me and our work together.

Attorney and artist
June 2023

Mel is an experienced international wellbeing coach who is adept at listening and synthesizing my concerns into actionable steps. Most notably, she helps me redefine my relationship with my own negative feelings and transform my ability to communicate and connect with other people, which is especially helpful in a work context. I have had different therapy relationships during my life but I find Mel’s services uniquely supportive to my identities as an Asian and a woman. I recommend Mel if you are a high-achieving professional who seeks a tailored, culturally-sensitive, research-oriented approach to become the empowered professional you know you can be!

I first met Mel back when we were both software developers, volunteering as trainers at Rails Girls in London – an event she co-organised. We reconnected many years later, when we’d both transitioned into coaching of different areas: me in organisational, agile and professional; her in personal growth, wellbeing, and healthy relationships (including work relationships).

Mel’s coaching style is a breath of fresh air. With her calmness, extensive knowledge, sense of humour, and questions that make you go, ‘Aha!,’ each session is a journey of self-discovery, getting unstuck and strengthening self-compassion. Mel keeps it real, offering practical insights that actually make a difference. I leave every session empowered, and more connected to myself, feeling like I’ve made a small but impactful change, ready to tackle what’s next.

What sets Mel apart is not just her coaching skills but also her ongoing studies in psychotherapy and counselling, adding a profound depth to our sessions. Many coaches speak of getting rid of the inner critic, whereas Mel facilitates a discussion within myself and helps me harness the wisdom of different parts of me and the strengths that I already have. It’s a safe space where exploration and growth happen organically. She’s also a walking catalogue ready to recommend different book titles, podcasts, and articles on a wide range of psychological topics, which comes very handy!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mel to anyone who is seeking a transformative experience and meaningful development, both personally and professionally. And if you’re a woman in tech you’re definitely going to find a common language with Mel and maybe even some jokes about Jira.

Lead Agile coach
November 2023

Business development manager
April 2023

Mel is an amazing career coach. Initially I started working with her because I wanted to find a new job opportunity and felt like I needed some guidance to go through this process. After 10 sessions with Mel, not only did I find a new job position that I am really excited about, I also managed to get a significant salary increase. Mel really helped me identify some of my limiting beliefs around my professional life and career and thoroughly analyse why I was reacting to certain situations in certain ways, and how I could change that.


What I truly appreciate with her approach is that she allows the space to come up with your own answers while still giving you the necessary guidance you need to get there. What was also truly useful to me is that we were able to work both on the practical and psychological aspects of job searching, and prioritise each session according to my needs at the time, and I believe that is what really allowed me to progress quickly.


I think what makes Mel particularly skilled at what she does is the combination of her coaching skills and of her own professional career experience. Mel has experience with shifting career path, increasing her level of responsibility within an organisation and also doubling her salary, and shares very valuable insights on how you can achieve this yourself.


I would personally recommend Mel to anyone who wants to improve in their professional career as her sessions really allow you to understand and question your beliefs on a deeper level which eventually allows you to progress on any level.







Healthcare professional and mature postgraduate student
May 2024

Recent migrant from Hong Kong to the UK
December 2023

作為一個帶著兩孩的媽媽,踏上人生新的途程-英國,人生出現巨變,過往的經驗及價值觀,完全對我的新生活毫無幫助,卻反而成為更重的心理負擔。經常有很多的慮焦、疑惑,對自己滿是質疑,容易被沒預期的人與事打擊到信心。 直至參加了Mel的coaching,在第一節,我很快就設立了一個明確的目標:提升自我價值,活得有自信、有尊嚴。

在每一節,我都感到十分安全,我很放心地分享,拋出一切的內心不滿,提到自己的觀點、感想。每件事總有不同的觀點與角度,Mel 總會帶我從多角度去看,令自己能走出胡同,而且,Mel 能引用實際的見解,令人耳目一新,是我想不到的,從而令思想極端的我,拉回一個較中立的平衡點。



我誠意推薦Mel的coaching! 尤其在異地的香港人,Mel 明白我們的文化背景,容易體會到當中的感受及難處,給予貼地的幫助。

As a mum with two kids starting a new life in the UK, everything changed. I realised my past experiences didn’t help. It became a heavy burden on my mind, filled with worries and self-doubt. Joining Mel’s coaching

changed that. I set a clear goal to boost my self-worth and live with confidence and dignity.

In every session, I felt safe sharing my inner frustrations and thoughts. Mel always helped me see things from different perspectives so that I could get out of my struggles. Her practical insights were refreshing and helpful in guiding me from extreme thoughts to a more balanced mindset.

While a life coach can’t guide me my whole life, the coaching enriched my mental well-being. Gradually, I developed new thinking patterns, more positive thoughts rather than the usual self-defeating ones, and confidence.

I would recommend Mel’s coaching, especially to Hong Kongers overseas. Mel understands our cultural background and offers relatable help with empathy for our challenges.

Mel and I have very different upbringings and personalities, yet from our very first conversation we clicked. She is an impressively open-minded, analytical and knowledgeable life coach. No matter your cultural background or history you will find with her a remarkable human connection and an empathic space to be accepted and grow. Her coaching has helped me navigate various life transitions and tackle many of my limiting beliefs.

I’m really grateful to have met her during our life coaching training at HKU SPACE and to have managed to keep our coaching going even though we live in very different time zones now. She keeps inspiring me to become a better human and life coach.

Co-Active coach
January 2022

Digital marketer, transitioned from a law and real estate background
June 2024

I highly recommend Mel, which gave me a lot of tips, ideas, comments, moments of consideration, analysis and research. During our sessions I could see the situation from a different angle, rewrite the same facts in more appealing manner, review my strong sides, choose a strategy and start acting. I appreciate her approach, support and lovely atmosphere of our meetings.

We had very intense cooperation. My questions, concerns, ideas and wishes were carefully listened to and valuable tips, suggestions, improvements and advices were provided in return. Mel is very pleasant, helpful and professional. I got practical results with her guidance and support. It was friendly communication with concentration on moments, which were important for me. I am sure that Mel can help (really help) you to reach your goals, but your active work is also necessary to get the success.

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