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“External thought disruptor”

With tech folks, I’ve been talking about coaching as akin to doing proper agile for your life. And look, for those who think about disrupting things, how about disrupting the brain’s now-automatic thinking patterns and frameworks?

As Marcia Reynolds writes in Breakthrough Coaching (2024):

[Neuroscientist Michael] Gazzaniga also said that if you have an external thought disruptor – someone who reflects your words, expressed emotions, contradictions, and what seems to be the source of your hesitations – you can detach and view your stories as if they were a movie to be observed and analyzed. An external thought disrupter doesn’t tell you to think differently. The disruption comes from concise reflective statements and curious questions that stimulate you to examine the thinking patterns and frameworks directing your decisions, overriding the protective brain. The insights you gain from external thought disruption disrupt your brain’s operating system, allowing you to consciously and willfully decide what is best for you right now. [emphasis mine]

You can indeed expect concise reflective statements and curious questions from me as your coach.

More and more, I’m also recognising the software developer that continues to live in me: I want to build things that work, delight, make a difference. I don’t want to just complain and criticise; I want to create and turn ideas into reality.

What’s the project now? A life well lived.


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