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“Entitlement is complete frustration intolerance”

Updated: Jan 13

Entitlement is “a symptom of a larger struggle with your relationship with frustration. … It’s all about your frustration tolerance. Actually, entitlement is complete frustration intolerance.”

I’ve never thought about entitlement in those terms before, but yes, it makes so much sense!

Frustration tolerance is indeed one of the core human skills that I don’t think we as a society have been great at teaching and helping people strengthen. And yes, there are actionable strategies we can adopt.

If you’re reading this on my website, chances are good that your frustration tolerance is not on the very low end. Still, how comfortable are you sitting with frustration, without wanting to bat it away, distract yourself from it, or do your best to avoid it to begin with? Would you like to raise your frustration tolerance?


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